This Is Your Brain On Social Media

Social media is everywhere. As hard as many of you are trying to deny it, social media is here to stay. It has changed the way we do business. It has changed the way we market our business. It has changed the way we communicate with each other. We can debate whether this is good or bad if you want, but the fact remains that social media isn’t going away. Those of you who are still in denial, you know who you are and there are far too many of you, would be far better served by acknowledging reality and getting on board the train to your future success.

If you’re like the hundreds of millions of others in the world, it’s likely you participate on at least one social network on a regular basis. You’re likely to have a Facebook page. Maybe you get your news from Twitter or you pin photos on Pinterest. Regardless of how you participate, we know you participate. And, for many, social media is available to them on their computer, their smartphone and their tablet.

So, what would you give up to keep your access to social media? Studies show that younger generations believe their access to social media at work is more important than their salary. Some actually report that if they were to be prohibited from logging into Facebook at work, they would decline the position. Unbelievable? Take a look at the following infographic provided to us by Online Courses and see how much we love social media and why.

Your Brain on Social Media Infographic



About Brad Friedman

Brad Friedman is president of The Friedman Group, LLC. We work with professionals and business owners to develop strategies and implement Inbound and Social Media marketing to enhance your brand and generate leads and revenue.
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8 Responses to This Is Your Brain On Social Media

  1. Alexa Guerlain says:

    Increasingly I see companies using social media to promote their own marketing and messaging – this will fail to be effective in the long-term: collaboration really is the key for companies to leverage Twitter, Facebook and Social media.

  2. Remy Piroddi says:

    I’m just starting out with this but I think that Tweets etc. should be created by the Subject Matter Experts – not a third party specialist. That way the content will be relevant, informed and have a personality.

    • Great point. It is very important that tweets reflect the personality of the business being tweeted about, or the person, for that matter. This can be very tricky for a third party to do well.

  3. Aleksandar Pavlovic says:

    It is time to grow up, you are not at school anymore, and all actions have consequences!!

  4. Inthi Nek says:

    This is a matter of trust. If someone can criticize, without benefit of a reply, an employer on a social media site, he or she is likely to leak confidential information.

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