How To Add Creativity To Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy, Creativity, Social Media, Business PlanReady to take your “World’s Greatest Social Media Strategy” to the next level? Excellent! As you know, late summer/early fall is that time of the year when companies start looking ahead to next year and putting together marketing plans for 2015. Are you just now considering social media tactics as a way to drive overall business goals and objectives and looking for that secret ingredient? Or are you spinning the wheels in regard to how you can ramp up successful social media programs that are already in place? If so, I have great news for you in the form of a simple, one-word answer: Creativity. Continue reading

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The Marketing Metrics You Should Master

Marketing Metrics, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, ROI, CommunicationYou’ve probably noticed how it always seems that the marketing budget/staff is one of the first things to get cut during that annual reorganization time of the year or when the corner office says it’s time to tighten up on spending. You may have heard of that crazy world some marketers spend their professional careers, living and dying each day through the victory of surpassing goals or the failure of obtaining the unattainable marketing metrics. Maybe you happen to know one of these marketers. Or perhaps you are one of them. Either way, it should come as no surprise that making drastic cuts in marketing is very shortsighted, and I don’t say this just because it happens to be my profession. Continue reading

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Facebook: The Nation

Facebook, Shareaholic, Social Media Strategy, Facebook AdsI like Facebook. I admit this openly and without coercion from Mark Zuckerberg/Jesse Eisenberg or Columbia Pictures. Why do I like Facebook? Because it’s a great tool for many of my clients. Especially the small to medium size businesses or professionals with small or single-person practices. They work directly with customers, who are almost certainly on Facebook and are using it to research local businesses as well as post photos from their kid’s graduations. Continue reading

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Digital Transformation: Evolve Or Die?

Digital Transformation, Technology, Customer Experience, Digital Strategy, NPS, Engagement, Social Media StrategyLast month, Altimeter Group released a new report on digital transformation to help digital strategists understand what companies are doing today so they can plan and evolve for tomorrow. Insert obligatory “Get busy living, or get busy dying” quote from The Shawshank Redemption right here. Findings from The 2014 State of Digital Transformation include results that are both relevant and noteworthy for organizations from all industries throughout the world that want to get busy evolving their business to deliver a positive experience for digital customers. Continue reading

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The Social Shake-Up Kicks Off Tomorrow

The Social Shake-Up, Social Media TodaySocial Media Today is sponsoring Social Shake-Up in Atlanta this week and the looks to be packed with two-and-a-half days of valuable information on social business. First a quick disclaimer that Social Media Today occasionally publishes blog posts I’ve written. Continue reading

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