Facebook Rolls Out Instant Articles For iPhone Users

Facebook, Instant Articles, Video, Faster uploadOn the heels of “Mobilegeddon,” Facebook rolled out its long-rumored “Instant Articles” project for iPhone users. As an Android user, I must say how tiresome it is to always have to wait months when some new innovation is announced. But I digress. Continue reading

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Do You Pay For Or Bypass The Paywall?

Paywall, Bypass The Paywall, WSJ, New York TimesDo you pay for or bypass the paywall? A paywall, if you are unfamiliar with the term, is an online tool that requires a subscription to see some or all of a site’s content. The Wall Street Journal and New York Times are famous for their paywalls and the number of people who want them taken down. Continue reading

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Cross-Device Marketing in a Double-Dipping World

cross-device marketing, social media marketing, google,bing,#mobilegeddonBy now you know Google is ranking mobility as a factor in its search algorithm. It looks like Bing will be following suit pretty soon, according to a report from Search Engine Land. Continue reading

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Two Weeks Later: Did You Survive #Mobilegeddon?

Google, Mobilegeddon, Mobile Friendly, SERP, Search ResultsIt’s been two weeks. Did you survive Mobilegeddon? Google made it official on May 5th when they implemented the long-taled-ablout Mobilegeddon. Beginning on the 5th, if your blog or website isn’t mobile-friendly you are going to be penalized in Google search results. Moreover, Google seems to be grouping tablets with desktops when it provides search analytics. So it’s definitely smartphones taking the lead on search. This means you must make sure your content is easy to read and digest on the small screen. Continue reading

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What’s Up With Google+?

Google+,Hangouts,Photos,StreamsHave you been wondering what’s been going on with Google+?

Toward the end of April word leaked that Google+ would no longer be considered a product. Instead it would be a platform – ending its so-called competition with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Change is in the air. And, one thing we know for sure is that Google shelved its policy of requiring Google+ integration for all Google products. Yet, Google plus has always been about making every Google user a signed-in Google user. I’m thinking this will never change. Continue reading

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I’ve Been Watching The Apple Watch

Apple Watch, SmartWatch, GadgetHave you been watching the Apple Watch? I have to admit, I don’t wear watches as much as I used to. I spend a lot of time with a keyboard and the fewer things weighing down my wrists, the better I feel.

This doesn’t mean I’m immune to the Apple Watch’s charms. But for me, the most attractive part of it is you can change its face (it offers 10 options), which I imagine will soon be a standard for most smart watches. And honestly, I’m not all in for talking into a watch like a secret agent, or being so accessible and track-able. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not for me. Continue reading

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