Use Twitter Ads To Boost Tweeting Options

Twitter Ads, Twitter, Tweet, Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, Twitter Cards, Social Media Strategy, Online AdvertisingTwitter Ads has been an effective way for many smaller businesses to get noticed in their markets. But which Twitter format should you use? There are three you can select: Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Twitter Cards. Each one can be used to reach different social media marketing and advertising goals. Continue reading

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What Kind of Copy Should You Write?

Copy, Writing, Copywriting, Social Media, Social Media Strategy, Facebook, TwitterEugene Schwartz was a copywriter that many in my field consider to be the greatest ever (and trust me, most of us think we’re the greatest ever!). Schwartz, who died in 1995, specialized in direct mail marketing and shared his insights in about 10 books, including a classic called Breakthrough Advertising. provides free downloads of it, which is in the public domain. At least, we hope so.

I like Schwartz because he didn’t overthink, which is a problem for many writers and students. Whenever I find I’m out of ideas, I use one of his very useful techniques to get my imaginative mojo back on track. The best one asks: what kind of copy should we write? Continue reading

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Apple Watch, Wearable Tech, And The Social Media Future

Apple Watch, Wearable Technology, Smartwatches, Google Glass, Wristbands, GoPro, VR, Facebook, Twitter, Google+In case you missed it, Apple recently introduced Apple Watch to the world during their live September 2014 Special Event. The latest smartwatch to enter the wearable tech scene won’t hit stores until early 2015. This gives you plenty of time to check out the keynote, see what all the hype is about, recover from any potential “the future is now” moments you encounter along the way, and ponder how things could change in the next few months for wearable tech, social media, and life as we know it. Here’s the big question I’ve been asking myself lately: How will Apple Watch impact the wearable tech industry and what does that mean for the future of social media? Continue reading

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Twitter vs. USA: PR Win Or Fight To Preserve First Amendment Right Of #Transparency?

Twitter HQ, Twitter Headquarters, Transparency, Privacy

Twitter HQ, Photo credit Aaron Durand (@everydaydude) for Twitter, Inc.

Transparency is a word we hear a lot these days We hear it from our politicians and we hear it from the tech companies and online businesses handling our personal and private information. Earlier this week, Twitter filed a Complaint for Declaratory Judgment against the United States Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Continue reading

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For Time-Sensitive Projects, Mobile Ads Can Pay Off

Mobile Ads, Mobile Ad, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Devices, CPAs, Real Estate, LawtyersMany CPAs advertise using traditional methods such as community newsletters and perhaps a coupon mailer. Local radio shows are good venues; particularly drive-time shows that can boast loyal listeners but can also get quite expensive. Networking is another method. There are local and state business events where CPAs are a natural draw. Other opportunities are participating and joining on as a sponsor for charity sponsorships and supporting local sports teams. I’m going to throw another one at you that I bet you haven’t considered: mobile ads. Continue reading

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How To Avoid Blogging Burnout

Blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Social Media StrategyNo one said blogging was always going to be easy. It’s true that once you start, it does become sort of like a habit or obsession but sooner or later, most bloggers will feel a little lost for topics. It’s up to us to figure out how to combat this blogging fatigue. Here are some useful tips I’ve found and tried and had at least some success avoiding blogging burnout. Continue reading

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