Businesses Need the Power of Email, Now More Than Ever

Email Marketing, Tips, Power of Email,  Marketing, Social Networking, Online MarketingThe Power of email is demonstrated on a daily basis. I know I haven’t been alone in saying email is far from dead. In fact, hardly anyone says this anymore because the evidence of the power of email is overwhelming. Consider these findings from a survey conducted by the retail marketing firm Listrak, as reported by eMarketer. Continue reading

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New Uses for Old Technology

old technology, cell phone, smartphone, nonprofitIs your old technology residing in that drawer, like the one we all have, in your home? It’s probably filled with smartphones from years past, and maybe an old tablet that couldn’t upgrade to the latest iOS or Android release. How about all the different headsets you’ve tried, looking for the best noise cancellation? I’ve got at least 10 of those in my drawer. Continue reading

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Will Customer Reviews Help or Hurt My Business?

Customer Reviews, Yelp, Google, Bing, YahooPeople often ask me, “Will customer reviews help or hurt my business?” Several months ago, I advised readers not to panic over customer reviews and to claim their accounts on Google Local, Yelp, and other sites that list businesses and accept reviews. Since then, I’ve come across a mix of opinions regarding customer reviews, and I still think that good, honest businesses benefit from reviews, even if they aren’t always full of praise. Continue reading

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The Thuuz Sports App Is For March Madness Enthusiasts

Thuuz Sports, App, March Madness, NCAA Tournament, Men's BasketballThe Thuuz Sports app for iOS and Android has just been added to my arsenal of tools to help me enjoy March Madness even more than usual. It’s also going to distract me from working over the next several weeks. So, if you’re an employer, you might want to keep this one to yourself. If you’re one of my clients, I hope you understand. Continue reading

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Managing Your Online Reputation

Managing your online reputation, Reputation Management, Social MediaManaging your online reputation is both an art and a science. Service professionals and business owners depend on the goodwill and satisfaction of their customers. So when an unpleasant comment or complaint surfaces online, they need to be careful to address it properly to minimize damage, or, better yet, turn it into a positive. Continue reading

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What Does “The 2014 State Of Enterprise Social Marketing” Tell Us For 2015?

2014 state of enterprise marketing report, social media marketingThe 2014 State of Enterprise Social Marketing reveals insights businesses can learn from. It’s February and some businesses are still developing 2015 marketing plans. When doing so, it’s important to consider what worked and didn’t work in 2014. Doing this can help you determine where you should be investing your time and money this year. Continue reading

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