Online Marketing Metrics That Matter Most

online marketing metrics, google analytics, roiOnline marketers spend a great deal of time looking at data measurement features such as number of visitors to a site, but often overlook online marketing metrics that matter most. While it’s important to have site visitors, this is merely a small piece of the marketing performance metrics toolbox. Continue reading

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How SEO Myths Can Hurt Your Site’s Visibility On The Internet

search engine optimization, seo, seo myths, keyword, listingWhen it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there are a lot of misconceptions floating around the Internet. Some see SEO as a mysterious and secret process rather than the often-straightforward practice of improving a web site’s visibility in search results based on relevant content. Unfortunately, many listen to this false information and end up harming their own site’s rankings in the process. Below are some of the common SEO myths. Continue reading

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Pass It On: Everyone Needs Password Security

password security, online security, password management tools, lastpass, roboformAre you concerned about your online password security? Of course you are. With all the data breaches resulting in the loss of financial information, social security, and personal information, you know what’s going on out there. Continue reading

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Organic Search Rankings Or AdWords: Which Is Better?

SEO, Google Adwords, Organic Search Ranking, Search Engine Optimization, AdWordsMost well balanced online marketing campaigns will involve a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising, usually through the Google AdWords platform. But if you have to be more selective with your advertising budget, which approach is better, organic search rankings or AdWords? Continue reading

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Inbound Marketing Best Practices: Don’t Forget The Basics In Email Marketing

inboud marketing best practices, outbound marketing vs inbound marketing, inbound marketing email, inbound marketing email tipsToday’s plethora of online tools allow marketers to create beautiful emails while using inbound marketing best practices that their customers will be sure to enjoy. Services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and HubSpot assist in creating HTML emails via simple drag-and-drop, allowing even computer novices to create gorgeous emails. But it’s easy to get lost in these tools. Creating a good email is about more than just its design. If you want to create a successful email that guides people to your website, it’s important to stay true to the basics of email marketing. Continue reading

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How To Optimize Your Website For Mobile

mobile website, website optimization, mobile devicesYou have a nice website up with awesome content, photos, a blog, and links to your social media pages and mobile website. The senior partners are starting to relax about the whole social media thing and have stopped calling you webhead (or worse). This website project is done, right? No. Now you need to start optimizing content for your mobile website. Continue reading

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