Spotify And Turkey Is Music To My Ears

Spotify, #Thanksgiving Turkey, Music SharingSpotify has got you covered for Thanksgiving this year. We’re two days away. Have you done all your grocery shopping? Are you ready to cook that feast for your family? Thanksgiving is a great holiday. You spend the day with your family. You get to watch football. You spend time thinking about all the things you have to be thankful for. And, you eat great food. What else could you ask for? Continue reading

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10 Tools For Making Your Digital Life Easier

Tools, TipsDo you ever find yourself creating to-do lists for organizing all of your to-do lists? Are you struggling with establishing a system for storing files online? Is the idea of sharing your screen in an online meeting a daunting task that you would prefer to completely avoid? Have you ever had hiccups in the past when attempting to collaborate with clients via the Internet? If so, you are not alone. Here are 10 tools to help you increase productivity, boost social networking, manage online storage, simplify communication, and make your digital life easier. Continue reading

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Porn Stars Take A Position On Net Neutrality

Porn, Net Neutrality, Obama, FCC, InternetPresident Obama took a stand on net neutrality last week fully supporting a proposal to classify broadband Internet service as a Title II utility and throwing gasoline on an already burning topic. Obama's comments directed at the "Independent" chair of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler, come on the heels of protests taking place in more than 20 cities that was organized by a nonprofit advocacy group called Fight For the Future. Continue reading

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Tune Up Your Website Now For A Worry-Free Start To 2015

Website Tune Up, Tools, Social Media CheckupNot long ago, I wrote a piece about avoiding blogging burnout and offered ideas about where to find topics to write about. One of the suggestions I used comes from David Spark, who suggests looking at your Inbox for inspiration. What are clients asking about? If one is wondering about why Google is going on and on about Pigeon or Panda or Penguin, chances are others are, too. Continue reading

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Local Business? Make Sure Your Content Says So For SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Panda, Pigeon, Small Business, Google, Yahoo, YelpIt’s been a busy updating season for Google and SEO. In late September, it released an update to its Panda algorithm, which may not affect you very much if you’ve been playing by Google rules and not trying to get away with black hat or spammy practices. Moreover, Panda gives local businesses a good reason to revisit their content because it came after another update, Pigeon, which focuses on searches for local businesses. Continue reading

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Email Marketing Remains A Solid Performer

Email Marketing, Digital Strategy, B2B, ROI, Constant ContactRemember when email was new and exciting? Some of us recall the thrill of powering up the Tandy or Compaq to check the Prodigy or AOL mailbox. Later, when businesses adopted email, it was a useful way to avoid talking to someone at work but still communicate with him or her. Email could also provide a good laugh when someone hit “reply all” instead of “reply” to an email about what to wear to the Bon Jovi concert. Those were the days!

Funny thing is, we still check our email, although not with as much excitement as back in the day. I bet you look at yours before you check voicemails. I know you look at email on your phone all the time, to the point where you might not even notice texts or the voicemail icon.

The thing is, email marketing is still useful and in the larger marketing world, it continues to be a pretty solid performer. Continue reading

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