Does Facebook Want Brands To Take Their Business Elsewhere in 2015?

Facebook, Social Media Strategy, Facebook AdsIn mid-November, Facebook announced it would be “reducing overly promotional page posts in news feeds” starting in January. This seems to be just another step toward removing brands from the world’s largest social network and / or forcing them to buy more advertising. Facebook’s 20% content rule has already made it nearly impossible to boost a post or place an ad (Facebook Advertising Guidelines, Section D). My image with the words “Happy Thanksgiving” was rejected when I tried to boost that post last month. Ridiculous! Now, an arbitrary determination is going to be made by someone who thinks a brand’s post is “overly promotional.” Continue reading

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Net Neutrality: Are You For Or Against?

Net Neutrality, FCC, Open Internet, Obama, Regulate  The InternetNet Neutrality is also referred to as the “Open Internet.” The Internet as we know it at least appears to be open and treats all traffic pretty much the same. I’ve never heard someone complain about not having access to any lawful content on the Internet. An open Internet has made it possible for innovators to innovate and startups to start up. Continue reading

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There’s Something To Be Learned From Mashable’s Social Media Champs

Mashable, Social Media Champs, Social Media MarketingThis is a Guest Post written by Nick Rojas, a business consultant and writer who lives in Los Angeles and Chicago. He has consulted small and medium-sized enterprises for over twenty years. You can follow him on Twitter @NickARojas. Continue reading

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Spotify And Turkey Is Music To My Ears

Spotify, #Thanksgiving Turkey, Music SharingSpotify has got you covered for Thanksgiving this year. We’re two days away. Have you done all your grocery shopping? Are you ready to cook that feast for your family? Thanksgiving is a great holiday. You spend the day with your family. You get to watch football. You spend time thinking about all the things you have to be thankful for. And, you eat great food. What else could you ask for? Continue reading

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10 Tools For Making Your Digital Life Easier

Tools, TipsDo you ever find yourself creating to-do lists for organizing all of your to-do lists? Are you struggling with establishing a system for storing files online? Is the idea of sharing your screen in an online meeting a daunting task that you would prefer to completely avoid? Have you ever had hiccups in the past when attempting to collaborate with clients via the Internet? If so, you are not alone. Here are 10 tools to help you increase productivity, boost social networking, manage online storage, simplify communication, and make your digital life easier. Continue reading

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Porn Stars Take A Position On Net Neutrality

Porn, Net Neutrality, Obama, FCC, InternetPresident Obama took a stand on net neutrality last week fully supporting a proposal to classify broadband Internet service as a Title II utility and throwing gasoline on an already burning topic. Obama's comments directed at the "Independent" chair of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler, come on the heels of protests taking place in more than 20 cities that was organized by a nonprofit advocacy group called Fight For the Future. Continue reading

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