Mobile Apps For Lawyers

Mobile Apps for Lawyers, Mobile Devices, Smartphones, iOS, Android, iPhone, LawyersNinety-one percent of attorneys use a smartphone, according to the 2013 ABA Tech Survey. Fully 62% use iPhones, 22% are on Android phones, and 16% are still using BlackBerrys. Almost half (48%) use tablets as well, and again, Apple dominates: 91% who have a tablet use an iPad. There are a number of mobile apps for lawyers worth checking out as the use and popularity of smartphones and mobile devices continues to rise. Continue reading

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Inbound Marketing And SEO For Financial Service Providers

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Attracting new clients through inbound marketing and SEO are marketing practices financial service providers are using more and more. It makes good business sense and provides returns matching, if not exceeding, traditional advertising. Continue reading

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Tips For An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketing strategy, social media, marketing strategy, marketing planSocial media is a great tool for businesses that are looking for new ways to interact with their target market. If your business would like to use social media for marketing purposes, then a social media marketing strategy is essential. The following elements should be incorporated in your marketing strategy to ensure success. Continue reading

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How To Become A LinkedIn Influencer

linkedin influencer, linkedin, social media marketingOne particularly exclusive group on LinkedIn consists of LinkedIn Influencers. These are people who LinkedIn recognizes as industry leaders having particular expertise and standing in their communities and who have shown an interest in publishing on the platform. Influencers are hand-selected by LinkedIn to engage with professionals through discussions on a variety of topics. Continue reading

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Measuring Your Social Media ROI

social media roi, roi, facebook, twitterYou’re investing time—which is money—and possibly actual funds on social media. How do you know what ROI (return on investment) you’re getting for these efforts? Is there a way to measure your social media ROI?

Continue reading

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Outsource Social Media and Inbound Marketing

Social Media And Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Outsourcing, Facebook, TwitterSmall businesses rarely have the resources to advance their social media and inbound marketing goals. Staff is too busy working on projects. Even when time is freed up once a major project is over, sporadic investing in these key tasks just won’t make much of a dent in your outreach. Do you know when it is time for you to outsource social media and inbound marketing? Continue reading

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