Small Business Owner’s Personal Touch Helps To Compete with the Big Guys

small business, small business owner, business tips,crowdfunding,micro loansSmall Business is the backbone of this country. I shudder to think what our economy would be like without small businesses providing jobs and tax revenue in every city and town in the U.S. Continue reading

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Set SMART Marketing Goals And Thrive

SMART Goals, SMART Marketing Goals, Marketing, Social Media Marketing Business TipsSMART marketing goals are a must! So, why aren’t you setting SMART goals? Marketingprofs did some research on this and found that only 35% of B2B marketers have written SMART marketing content goals. They also found that marketers with written SMART goals are eight times more likely (60% vs. 7%) to rate themselves as being effective marketers vs. those who have no strategy, written or otherwise. Continue reading

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Charity Charge: A Disruptive Idea Whose Time Has Come

Stephen Garten, CEO, Charity Charge, Nonprofit, Charge Card, IBM

Stephen Garten, Charity Charge CEO

Charity Charge could become the only charge card you ever use. If you didn’t know this about me, I have a soft spot in my heart for a number of nonprofits. This stems from spending about eight years as the Executive Director of a Foundation, close to 20 years as a volunteer before that, and a legacy of philanthropy starting with my grandparents and parents. I have a soft spot for charities that are tied education, human services, dogs, and a number of other causes. Like many others, I appreciate it when I find an easy, direct way to give to the charities I support. Continue reading

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Identity Theft: Should You Subscribe to an ID Protection Service?

Identity Theft, Fraud Protection, Credit Card Fraud, HackerTax season had barely begun when we got the news that hackers had broken into Intuit’s online TurboTax service and stolen customer refunds. Others used the service to create fake returns and collected refunds this way. Originally up to 18 states reported upticks in fraudulent activity. Continue reading

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#TwitterChat Is Like Hosting A Party To Grow Your Business

#TwitterChat, Twitter Chat, Twitter, HashtagIf Twitter is one of your preferred social networks, and one where you reach a lot of followers, prospects and clients, consider participating in a #TwitterChat or hosting one of your own. Continue reading

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Psychology Influences Digital Marketing Success

Psychology, Digital Marketing, Advertising, TipsPsychology influences digital marketing success. Most marketers haven’t considered the fact that psychology is a big part of advertising. It varies, of course, depending on what you’re selling, the time of year, your target audience and your current customer base. If you’ve ever tried to explain to someone completely outside your field what you do for a living, you know how much imagery plays into helping them understand. Psychology plays a similar role in advertising. Continue reading

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