Help Your SEO By Avoiding These Words

terms to avoid in seo, profanity, improper seo termsYou can help your SEO by avoiding the use of certain terms. I’ve found that it’s hard for some people to understand certain words can actually harm a page’s rank, turn away potential visitors and do nothing to help your SEO.. But in fact they can. Whether the terms are unrelated to content on the site, contain profanity, explicit, or adult themed terms, or are generally improper in nature, this post explores some terms to avoid when your hoping for either higher search rankings or more site visitors. Continue reading

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Plagiarism Doesn’t Pay

plagiarism, social media plagiarismThis blog has featured past articles and discussions about plagiarism. I wrote about my experience when I discovered my own post from this blog was used elsewhere without credit. Guest blogger Rob Greenberg also wrote about how to address plagiarism committed against you. Continue reading

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Frustrated with Twitter Apps? Check Out Developer Apps.

Twitter, Twitter Apps, Developer Apps, Tweetbot, Twitterific, Talon, Twilert, SnapBirdThere’s an app for just about every product and service with a web presence. You probably use a few to check in on your social media, email, and financial accounts. The official apps from social media services are generally OK but it seems Twitter apps fall short for a lot of people. They aren’t particularly intuitive and new releases are buggy. Crashing, freezing, and incomplete loading have become more frequent. On a practical side, the official apps don’t do much to help you see what you want, when you want. Guess what? There are better apps created by developers to make tweeting a better and easier user experience. Continue reading

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Online Marketing Metrics That Matter Most

online marketing metrics, google analytics, roiOnline marketers spend a great deal of time looking at data measurement features such as number of visitors to a site, but often overlook online marketing metrics that matter most. While it’s important to have site visitors, this is merely a small piece of the marketing performance metrics toolbox. Continue reading

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How SEO Myths Can Hurt Your Site’s Visibility On The Internet

search engine optimization, seo, seo myths, keyword, listingWhen it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there are a lot of misconceptions floating around the Internet. Some see SEO as a mysterious and secret process rather than the often-straightforward practice of improving a web site’s visibility in search results based on relevant content. Unfortunately, many listen to this false information and end up harming their own site’s rankings in the process. Below are some of the common SEO myths. Continue reading

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Pass It On: Everyone Needs Password Security

password security, online security, password management tools, lastpass, roboformAre you concerned about your online password security? Of course you are. With all the data breaches resulting in the loss of financial information, social security, and personal information, you know what’s going on out there. Continue reading

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